I am a Professor of Statistical Science at the Department of Statistical Science at University College of London, as well as Associate Director of the HDRUK-Turing PhD programme. I am also affiliated to the recently-established UCL ELLIS unit.

My main research interests lie in developing, extending or re-evaluating Bayesian models with a view to producing inferences which are useful and interpretable in practical applications. My focus is in flexible modelling tools such as mixture models and tree models and applications of interest range from health data science to retail analytics.

I moved to UCL in 2012 after spending 4 years at Duke University and the former Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI) as a postdoctoral fellow. I was also previously a Turing Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute. I moved to Durham NC from Cambridge UK, where I did my PhD under the supervision of Prof. S. Tavaré and Prof. S.P. Brooks. My PhD thesis was on phylogeographic methods, with title A Bayesian approach to Nested Clade Analysis. You can find a CV here.